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alec deruggiero (apt, usa) +http+
'italo deruggiero' pt. 1 & 2

alec is the musical director at nyc's hotspot apt. it's home to many local nyc's stars like bobbito, tyler askew and has the big names passing through on a regular basis. if you're in nyc i would suggest a visit. last time i was there i chilled at bobbito's monday night and admired the walls. they're really nice. anyways alec's mixes are hot and i had to include both here for your enjoyment. they've been in constant rotation since i got them many months ago. i've got to start my quest to find almost every record though... i hope you like the mixes as much as i do.

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part 1
01. miss broadway
02. disco special
03. walkman
04. dance to the beat
05. i'm going crazy
06. summing up
07. not love
08. call me mr. telephone
09. love-n-music
10. waiting for an angel
11. coda
part due
12. life with you (instrumental)
13. an english '93
14. anxiety outro dub
15. hypnotic tango (instrumental version)
16. tequila (instrumental side)
17. i'm hungry
18. don't leave me now (instrumental version)
19. come closer
20. angel eyes (remix) (dub version)
21. music colours part 3
22. trophy (instrumental version)