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alex attias (visions, compost, switzerland) +http+

do you remember the first time you heard bel-air project's 'jazz with attitude' on corn-flex, or mustang's 'solange' on 2000 black? well i do, and i was blown away... i was like what is this crazy music that i'm listening to? who made this? that person was alex attias and i, like many others, have been hooked ever since. if you've got no idea what i'm talking about then, try getting your hands on the aformentioned records and you'll know what i mean. alex has just recorded a new album called 'back home' under his mustang moniker. it's out november 2, 2004 on compost records so save your lunch money and support the cause.

visit alex by clicking visions & compost records.


01. john arnold - inside (henrik schwartz remix)
02. loosefingers - acid bounce
03. designer music - good girls
04. somatik - chromatik
05. i:cube - oblivion
06. xela saitta - daylight (ripperton remix)
07. melodica - edit
08. nick the record - un poco disco un poco latino
09. crusho - someone to love
10. recloose - cardiology (isol?e remix)
11. spy music - no tracktitle
12. domu - worldwide
13. niko marks - chune
14. cobbelstone jazz - 5th element