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basic soul unit (iwani music, toronto)
radio mix

stuart aka basic soul unit has been a fixture at the record stores here in toronto for a while, and i probably met him there for the first time... he's pretty soft spoken, so i didn't know that he was making music. one day one of the jazzanova guys was in town djing, and he played a track that punched me right in the face. turns out is was one of stewart's tracks... it's always good to hear the quality coming from your own home town. look for the basic soul unit name on a record near you.

learn more about basic soul unit at & if you're feeling the mix why not drop him a line by clicking this.


01. the urban cru - go (chez damier mix) - atal
02. stinkworx - aedena (m>o>s mix) - delsin
03. kid sublime feat. yinka - wahala - jahwell
04. henrik schwartz - digital world - sunday music
05. baeka - caress the sun - morris audio
06. daniel wang - berlin sunrise - ghostly
07. mark de clivelow - state of the mental - antipodean
08. i-cube - fr33z - versatile
09. motor bass - get phunked up (ritichie hawtin mix) - la funk mob
10. boogie drama - stalkers groove (john tejada mix) - was not was
11. matthew johnson - 911, how can i help you? - arbutus mixed w/ mono box - realm 02 (ultrakurt mix) - logistic
12. loosefingers - acid bounce - alleviated
13. mr.fingers - beyond the clouds - trax
14. matthew dear - and in the night - spectral
15. oliver ho - world of life (part 1) - meta
16. moonstarr - detroit - sonar kollektiv