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dave's disco mix

dave lee is dope. if you're a dj then you must have at least one of his records under at least one of his many aliases. this guy has been churning out the tunes since was i was in junior school crushing on my red haired supply teacher. my favourite record by dave is thelma houstons 'i need somebody tonight' on azuli. 2 seperate 12"s were released (you want the one in the purple sleeve by the way) and after i bought it i regretted it for some strange reason. it sat on the shelf colleting dust until months or even years later when i gave it a listen and was blown away. i love it and still carry feelings of guilt for ever having hated it.

i had the pleasure of bringing dave and his wife over a few years ago for a milk. nye party, and he returned the favour by letting me stay at their place (while they went galavanting in greece!) a few years later when i went to london. now how many people that you hardly know would let you do that? anyways... his mix rocks so please enjoy it as much as i have, and go buy some of his records!

learn more about dave at by visiting zrecords.


01. gladys knight - better than good time (wg mix)
02. sunny jenkons - that friday pay
03. jesse g - that's hot
04. aura - la sunshine
05. mighty trousers - love fantasy
06. ashford & simpson - one more try (12" version)
07. phreek - everybody loves a good thing
08. dazzle - you dazzle me
09. jupiter beyond - the river drive
10. players association - hustlin' (i think!)
11. john gibbs - j'ouvert
12. xanadu & sweet lady - rappers delight
13. risco connection - good times
14. gino soccio - try it out
15. boeing - dance to the beat
16. touche - just like a doorknob
17. change - heaven of my life
18. kinsmen dazz - love design
19. invisible man's band - love has come, love can't come
20. sergio mendes - love music
21. cerrone - music of life
22. webster lewis - el bobo
23. main ingredient - work to do
24. stratervarous - night fall
25. the sunburst band - he is