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dj mkl (spiritual life music, usa) +http+
mkl's 'it's me' mix

out of nyc, dj mkl has made a name for himself through his releases on joe claussell's spiritual life records label under the 3 generations walking moniker, as well a his continued work with soy sos. his latest masterpiece with soy sos is their remix for 'hope' by fat freddy's drop. the orginal as well as their remix are in my top 10 of 2004. next time you're at the record store or in nyc keep an eye open for dj mkl on a record label or a flyer near you!

visit dj mkl @


01. after the fire - best seven records
02. manoo w/francois k - 6 in the morning -
03. virgo - free yourself - trax
04. pushim - like a sunshine (louie vega eol mix) - ki/oon records inc.
05. mkl vs. soy sos - seven times -
06. paul murphy & marc woolford project - jazz room - afro art records
07. ustad sultan khan - sayaji (joe claussell remix) - 5 points records
08. jodi watley - the essence (original & yellow mix) -
09. tell me all about it (avalon fairchild remix) - white
10. goapele - closer (spinna remix) - love slap
11. untitled - slam mode - cdr