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sonar kollektiv 4 mix

jazzanova are back and this time they've put together a dj mix of the latest sonar kollektiv compilation for your hungry ears. check the new album next time you're at the record store.

visit jazzanova at home:


01. carl borg - intro
02. platnum - crush on you (jneiro jarel mix)
03. arken - tree bells
04. fat freddies - roady
05. trickski - sunshinef**k pt.2
06. markus enochson - club possible
07. capitol a - in the mix
08. sygaire - got to be there
09. outlines - just a little loving
10. wahoo - holding you (ame mix)
11. faze liquida -kirkness
12. dimlite - back to the sniverse (slapped eyeballers rmx)
13. trickski - sunshinef**k pt.1
14. georg levine - inside (rima rmx)