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ryota nozaki by day, and jazztronik by night, ryota has been sending us the quality from his homebase in japan since the late 90's. his latest album titled 'samurai' was just recently released on pantone, and has on it the dance floor stormer by the same name. i don't remember when i first heard the track, but it blew me away, and now the 12" is in my record box all the time. ryota also has releases on counterpoint out of the uk & flower in japan, so be sure to hunt those records down as well. now that you've read this go and enjoy jazztronik's mix!

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01. jazztronik - phoenix intro
02. piranha head - poem 4 a lost one (black music remix)
03. cooly's hot box - touch my body
04. andres - vibezone
05. allen hoist - inner city blues
06. dan mela & louie b - in the memory of
07. azymuth - roda piano
08. maga bo feat. tammy - tudo bem
09. global sound - look into yourself (alex attias attitude mix)
10. rsl - the mast - love will be strong
11. louie vega - thousand finger man (roots mix)
12. jazztronik - verdades
13. sunship feat. warrior queen - almighty father
14. jazztronik - samurai
15. wahoo - take over me