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jesse futurman (toronto, ca) +http+
'futureman mix'

this is jesse. he's 16 and he presses buttons that make nice sounds. his button pressing abilities make such nice sounds sounds that they've been getting a lot of attention from people like john kong of do right! and gilles peterson in the uk who has played jesse's bits and bobs on his fancy radio show. sometimes it pays to stay up late and ignore your homework kids... enjoy.

visit jesse at home.


listen to jesse in the mix

01. kid koala - emperors main course
02. roddy rod - cuba revolt
03. luiz bonfa - jacaranda
04. ako - chessha23
05. handsomeboy modeling school feat. dj shadow - bear witness
06. ugly duckling - if you wanna know
07. brand nubian - concerto in x minor
08. electric - where would u b
09. charlie rouse - hopscotch
10. cabbageboy - rhythm and blues angus steakhouse
11. slinky - the awakening
12. michel polnareff - voyages
13. shinsight trio - early day amazement
14. jorge ben - ponta de lanca africando
15. ultimate force - oh shit
16. trio mocoto - swinga sambaby
17. mr. scruff - spandex man