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roc hunter's far out mix

a solid member of the far out recordings tribe, roc hunter has been pumping out the 12"s for as long as i can remember far out. he's got drum patterns that i really like and as with everyone on far out he's got a penchant for all things brazilian as this mix suggests. i've been trying to score a mix from mr. hunter for a while so enjoy this one.

if you want to buy some of roc's records you can visit, and if you want to book roc for your party just email


01. kirk degiorgio presents offworld - tornado + marcos valle - power ride (laughing, singing, playing - unreleased mix), also with milton nascimento - era rei e sou escravo (0:00-5:39)
02. grupo batuque - ida e volta + democustico - brazil (accapella) (5:39-9:37)
03. mamond - mamond + mamond frangalia, also with grupo batuque - a lua girou (roc hunter's elektribe mix) (9:37-16:35)
04. troubleman - have a good time, also with milton nascimento - era rei e sou escravo (23:20)
05. sabrina malheiros - maracatueira (incognito remix) (29:19-35:40)
06. grupo batuque - afro black (35:40-39:40)
07. troubleman - toda hora (39:40-44:32)
08. ed motta - without words (kenny dope without beats remix) + troubleman - son of bongolia & democustico - smokin' batucada (44:32-51:12)
09. joyce - nome de guerra + brasilieiros e ingleses (51:12-54:48)
10. grupo batuque - o tempo (54:48-60:40)