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shari (the break up, ca)
'the break up mix'

so i was having brunch with felix one day and we spotted our friend dolores in line waiting for a table with shari. we squeezed them into our table much to the shagrin of everyone else still in line., and shari had us in stitches for most of the meal. he charmed his way into the inner circle and this is the story of shari. we haven't been able to shake him since. every few months he does a night called 'the break up' at our favourite watering hole - unit. it's a cool name for a party and we're miffed that we didn't think of it first. it's fun & you should check it out one day you might just see us stumbling around drunk looking for pieces of our broken hearts... till that day comes here is shari's break up mix for you.


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