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stefano ghittoni aka the dining rooms (schema , italy) +http+
'ghittoni's spiritual mix'

i'm not sure how ghittoni & his partner cesare came up with the name 'the dining rooms', but i'm glad these guys connected. i've been following them since their releases on guidance ages ago... before i even knew schema existed. one of my favourite records is the four tet remix of thier track 'cosi ti amo' which you should search for if you don't have it already. enjoy this mix.

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01. cody chestnutt - magic in a mortal minute
02. nino nardini - tropicola
03. dorothy ashby - the moving finger
04. zap mama - intro
05. double beat - micro blues
06. beanfield - tides (soulpatrol remix)
07. madrid de los austrias - la vita del pescador (dining rooms mix)
08. the dining rooms - milano calibro 9 (unreleased)
09. koom h - let's all groove (unreleased)
10. lonnie liston smith - visions of a new world (phase 1)
11. robin hannibal - kalifo's groove
12. pepe braddock - burnin'
13. dubben - bana cabana strand
14. 7 samurai - bluesanova
15. gil evans - nothing like you
16. zap mama - lecon n.5
17. osunlade - macaco
18. lotus - gran masterplan (yoruba soul mix)
19. letta mbulu - what's wrong with groovin'