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miles cleret (soundway records, uk)
recorded live @ turning point saturday june 12th, 2004
supporting dj: a man called warwick

i don't know about you but sometimes the amount of good music out there really freaks me out. there isn't anything that i love more than going out and hearing somebody play amazing records that i don't have, from a style of music that i know very little about. this is why i like the turning point parties so much. a man called warwick throws doen some amazing records that only he and a select few know about.

one of those select few is miles cleret. he's the shit... travelling the world to get records, meeting the people who made them and learning about other people who he doesn't yet know about. run to your record store and pick up the ghana sounds compilations that miles has put together on soundway, his own record label.

if you're in the toronto area make sure you check a man called warwick's party - turning point. it happens once a month at the gladstone hotel (1214 queen st. w.) and you won't hear anything but the best afro beat. look for the flyers & posters at any record store worth its salt.