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munk (gomma, germany) +http+
recorded live @ la paloma, may 2006 in barcelona, spain.

munk are mathias modica & jonas imbery. they make really nice music & run the wonderful gomma records where you can always go to hear something different. it used to be that the local record store only got 1 or 2 gomma records in every so often, and now after a few years of hard work there is always stock in the gomma section. woo hoo.

visit munk at home: or on their myspace page.


01. in flagranti - new and non-lubricated
02. whomadewho - out the door (in flagranti remix)
03. nemesi - asteroide (baldelli remix)
04. shit robot - triumph
05. lifelike & kris menace - discopolis
06. putsch 79 - galactic pancake
07. tomboy - kop city tango
08. monoplan - coughing is good
09. for sale - buy now
10. kerowack - harpuna
11. franz ferdinand - the fallen (justice remix)
12. dj icey - this is dow my drummer drums
13. daft punk - technologic (digitalism remix)
14. vernis - bubble bath
15. tiga - far from home (the dfa remix)