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roy davis jr. (ubiquity, nice+smooth, usa) +http+
recorded live @ milk. july 17th, 2004 in toronto at the sunnyside pavilion.
supporting dj's - felix and gani, ali black & richard brooks

this was one of the most fun parties we've had. we were worried about rain all day only to have the sprinklers go off at 1am soaking us from head to toe as we tried to figure out how to shut them off. we rented portable toilets and installed nice push lights which were supposed to keep things lit, but the batteries ran out leaving them black as night. despite the hiccups the party went off and roy had a great time as did everyone dancing to his set. the night before he was out at an afterhours party handing out flyers for the gig, now is that down to earth or what? click this to look at pictures from the night.

visit roy at ubiquity records & nice + smooth records.