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the baker brothers (arse records, uk) +http+
recorded live @ cargo in london on september 14th 2003

instead of fighting over who would get the top bunk or the last pop tart, brothers richard & dan teamed up with chris and formed the fabulous baker brothers. no pun intended, these guys really are fabuloso! if you've got the funk in you then you must check their album 'ten paces' out now on arse records. i was bitten in the arse after picking up one of their 45's and was quite surprised when chris dropped me an email thanking me for playing it on most of us won't get the chance to catch them in our town but this live recording is the next best thing.

visit these masters of funk at or


++ the tracklisting is unavailable, sorry for the inconvenience ++

the baker brothers are:
bass - chris pedley
drums - richard baker
guitar/keyboards - dan baker