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the roots (okayplayer, philadelphia) +http+
recorded live @ the detroit electronic music festival may 28th, 2000

i don't have to say too much about the roots except that they're one of the best hip hop groups out there right now and that they've been keeping it real since the start. their concerts are always sold out here, and when i had ?uestlove up for a dj-set @ milk. the place was blazin with people driving up from the u.s. to catch a dance. if you, like me, missed their performance at the demf than enjoy this recording.

to learn more about the roots hit, and to hear more live recordings check


01. intro>ya'll know who
02. the next movement
03. step into the relm
04. hardware
05. proceed
06. mellow my man
07. ain't sayin' nothin' new w/dice raw
08. go dice raw (from: reclaiming the dead)
09. the lesson pt. 3 w/dice raw
10. double trouble
11. what you want
12. adrenaline
13. you got me
14. ?uestlove solo
15. kamal solo
16. leonard hubbard solo
17. scratch solo

the roots are:
em cee - tarik
drums - ?uestlove
bass - hub
keys - kamal
beatbox - scratch
guitar - ben